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Date: 18th January 2011

Ekumo enters into the international market

Web-based content management system helps companies create and maintain their documentation

January 18th 2011 - Ekumo GmbH’s ( web-based content management system, which goes by the same name, offers a solution that is suitable for companies with a small editorial department, and for industrial enterprises with sites distributed throughout the world. All functions required to create, maintain, and manage text and media can be controlled conveniently using a web browser. The web-based approach means that all those involved have access to the latest information at all times. The system allows savings of over 70 per cent to be generated in the editing process. In addition, the system architecture reduces the administrative workload considerably, keeping maintenance costs to a minimum.

The Ekumo content management system came about as part of an application developed for commercial vehicle manufacturer MAN, and has continuously evolved since then, and been adapted to changing market and customer requirements. Today, it offers users an entirely web-based content management system which includes all functions required for the collaborative authoring, editing, organisation, checking and publication of technical documents and complex product information. Among its other features, the system includes an integrated text and image editor, as well as an automated checking and translation workflow. The information is published automatically in various formats – as a complete information portal on the web, in printable PDF format, or as a Word or InDesign document.
Ekumo’s main target group is manufacturers of producer durable goods, such as car and medical technology manufacturers, and mechanical engineering companies, but also other companies that document their processes. These companies are required to provide detailed descriptions and information, which are frequently updated.
End users also benefit from the web-based approach: They are able to download the latest maintenance instructions and service information for products they have purchased from the system.

Mike Petersen, CEO of Ekumo GmbH sums it up by saying: “The only way in which companies can create, manage, and publish their technical documentation efficiently across departments and locations is by taking an entirely web-based approach. Our collaboration environment means that subsidiaries in all countries have immediate access to the latest information, without any loss of time. What is more, suppliers are able to integrate their documentation directly into the manufacturer’s content management system.

About Ekumo GmbH
Ekumo GmbH specialises in developing and marketing the content management system for technical documentation of the same name. The company, which is based in Berlin, was founded at the end of 2009 as a spin-off of Digiden GmbH. Prior to this, a dedicated team had already invested more than seven years in developing products together with practitioners and academics. Ekumo is an entirely web-based content management system and includes all of the functions required for authoring, editing, organising, checking and publishing technical documents and complex product information. Ekumo maps all workflows – from the integrated authoring environment through to publication in multiple languages. Companies with several different sites and suppliers benefit particularly from its collaboration approach. They are all able to access the latest information with no time delay.
Further information is available at or by e-mail: info[at]ekumo[dot]de.

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