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Date: 28th May 2008

NemeriX Awarded Patent For Single-Chip Multi-Band GNSS RF Receiver Technology

Programmable Single Frequency Synthesizer and Flexible Receiver Channels Allow Acquisition of Parallel Signals from GPS, GLONASS and Galileo Systems; Optimised For Current High-End Applications and Future Multi-Band Consumer Applications

May 28, 2008, Manno Switzerland – NemeriX, a leading fabless semiconductor company specializing in ultra low power, high-performance A-GPS solutions for GPS and location-based service (LBS) products, today announced that it has been granted a patent for its new single-chip multi-band GNSS RF receiver technology that enables GNSS devices to acquire parallel signals in all frequency bands from the GPS, GLONASS and Galileo systems. The patent – number US7'358'896 – covers NemeriX’s fully programmable single frequency synthesizer innovation and has been awarded in the US.

The highly integrated receiver reduces silicon size and optimises cost by enabling a single RF front-end receiver to synchronously acquire up to three different frequency bands – eliminating the need to implement three parallel receivers. With the ability to program the frequency synthesizer and to easily tune the three receiving channels, including filtering levels and frequency plans, NemeriX’s solution provides maximum flexibility for end applications and allows NemeriX’s customers to serve different markets with the same device.

Originally developed to address the high-end and space market, this innovation from NemeriX will allow customers to efficiently address future consumer applications, as new services in different bands – such as L2C – are released to support improved performance for commercial GPS/GNSS applications.

“By providing a highly integrated solution for multi-band signal environments, NemeriX is ready to deliver the next wave of GNSS performance,” comments NemeriX VP Marketing Lew Boore. “This latest technology innovation from NemeriX provides our customers with a future-proof platform for a greatly enhanced user experience, increased availability and accuracy for high demand applications, including emerging location based services such as pedestrian navigation and mobile social-based networking.”

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About NemeriX
Founded in April 2002, NemeriX S.A. (Manno, Switzerland) is a venture-backed fabless semiconductor company specializing in ultra low power GPS and LBS integrated circuits, software and firmware for GPS and wireless applications. With the release of NX4, NemeriX has four generations of low-power, high performance, stand-alone, hosted, A-GPS experience. NemeriX’s devices enable battery¬ powered location determination anywhere, anytime, facilitating the design and manufacture of truly differentiated products and an enhanced consumer experience.

NemeriX’s investors include Atila Ventures, Auriga Partners, Oak Investment Partners, PolyTechnos Venture-Partners, and Vi Venture Incubator.

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