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Date: 8th February 2011

Strong growth for online Christmas gifts in Europe

”Take That: Progress” and ”Inception” best sellers in the UK

February 8th 2011 - Online Christmas shopping in Europe rapidly increased in 2010. In December the total order value rose by 38 percent generated via the TradeDoubler network that reaches about 75 per cent of Europe's e-commerce consumers.* Downloaded products accounted for an increasing share of online shopping. In the UK, e-commerce rose by 73 percent. Over 5,000 iPads and 10,600 trips were sold in the UK via TradeDoubler's network. "Take That: Progress" and "Inception" were the favorite CD and DVD/Blu-ray choices.

E-business through TradeDoubler increased by 38 per cent
The total order value that was sold through TradeDoubler's network in Europe increased by 38 per cent in December 2010 compared with December 2009. With over 380 million unique visitors in December a total of over 11 million transactions were made. Travel accounted for the highest sales, followed by shopping and retail. An apparent trend in 2010 was that Media and Entertainment accounted for an increasing share of purchases. This is in light of the fact that downloadable products have strongly increased, for example music, apps, movies and games.

"We see a sharp increase in e-commerce during Christmas throughout Europe in our network. We can see a distinct consumption trend that the proportion of downloads is an increasingly larger share of purchases. Many of our customers also report increased sales through mobile devices and applications", said Urban Gillström, President and CEO, TradeDoubler.

"In the UK the order value increase was 73 per cent compared with last year. It is interesting to note that over 2 million downloads were purchased only in the UK and that the British travel industry sold over 10 600 flights online through us despite the chaos before Christmas", said Simon Burgess, Managing Director TradeDoubler UK.

"Take That: Progress” most popular online Christmas CD in the UK
In the UK over 4,000,000 sales were generated through TradeDoubler’s network in December and the sales order value increased by 73 per cent compared with December 2009. Over 5,000 iPads – the most desired Christmas gift – were sold in the UK. The most sold shoe brand became the Australian brand – UGG. “Inception” topped the DVD/Blu-ray sales, while “Take That:Progress” became the best-selling CD via TradeDoubler’s network in the UK.

Top e-commerce on December 7th in the UK
The UK Christmas rush was at its highest peak on December 7th. So was the average in Europe even if the Christmas e-shopping intensity varied a lot throughout the countries. In Spain, as well as in the Nordic countries the crescendo was reached by December 13th while Italians waited the longest, and peaked in sales on December 20th. On Christmas Day, December 25th, the activity was at its lowest point throughout Europe.

* Sales Order value - measured in the value of products / services purchased through the advertisers' ads in TradeDoubler's network.
Number of sales - are measured in the number of items purchased by the advertisers' ads in TradeDoubler's network.
Activity in TradeDoubler's network is not correlated to TradeDoubler's revenue because of variations in customer contracts.

Statistics from the TradeDoubler network in December 2010

• Over 4 million sales generated through TradeDoubler’s network
• Sales order value +73% compared to Dec 2009
• Over 17 million unique visitors
• Over 2 million downloadable products sold
• Over 10,600 flights sold
• Over 5,000 iPads sold

Day with biggest sale:
• Dec 7th
(The e-commerce was even higher on Jan 3rd 2011, due to surge of sales ahead of VAT increase)

Day with lowest sale:
• Dec 25th

• DVD/Blu-ray – “Inception”
• CD – “Take That:Progress”
• Games – “Rainbow Six New Vegas”/“Beatles Rock Band”
• Shoe brand – UGG

• Over 11 million sales generated through TradeDoubler’s network
• Sales order value +38% compared to Dec 2009
• Over 380,000,000 unique visitors

Biggest categories in Sale Order value:
• Travel – 62 million pounds
• Shopping and Retail – 49 million pounds
• Computer & Electronics – 32 million pounds

Day with biggest sale:
• Dec 7th – average Europe
• Dec 7th – UK
• Dec 8th – Germany
• Dec 12th – France
• Dec 13th – Nordics
• Dec 13th – Spain
• Dec 20th – Italy

Day with lowest sale:
Dec 25th – average Europe

For further information, please contact:
Simon Burgess, Managing Director UK, TradeDoubler
Phone: +44, 7796 540 614,
e-mail: simon.burgess[at]tradedoubler[dot]com

Vanessa Land, Devonshire Marketing (UK PR for TradeDoubler)
Phone: 07768 693779,
email: vanessa[at]devonshiremarketing[dot]com

Elaine Safier, Chief Commercial Officer, TradeDoubler
Phone: +44, 7816 903 998,
e-mail: elaine.safier[at]tradedoubler[dot]com

Urban Gillström, President and CEO, TradeDoubler
Phone: +46 70 785 76 00,
e-mail: urban.gillstrom[at]tradedoubler[dot]com

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