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Date: 17th February 2011

Extended VLAN features for IRIS 520/540 SHDSL EFM modems

Latest SW/FW version adds stacked VLANs management

February 17th 2011 - DCombus IRIS 520/540 EFM SHDSL modems latest SW/FW version adds comprehensive VLAN configuration possibilities particularly for telecom operators and managed Ethernet service providers needs. Port based VLAN config includes features for VLAN double tagging (Q-in-Q) with selectable 0x8100 and 0x9100 Ethernet types. With the extended VLAN features and MTU (max Ethernet packet size) of 2047 enables even the most demanding operator applications.

Added features also give more options in the IRIS modem management with VLAN, including the similar management usage to the famous DCombus Iris10/20 SHDSL modems.

The generous VLAN properties are mandatory for telecom operator usage and gives added flexibility for other managed Ethernet broadband service providers.

IRIS 520/540 SHDSL products are EFM (IEEE 802.3ah, Ethernet in the First Mile) modems for operator and managed Ethernet service providers’ applications. They also comprise an interworking mode with ITU-T G.shdsl.bis allowing operators flexible and risk free upgrades into all-Ethernet based networks infra. The modems support extended transfer speeds for Ethernet over copper, max 60/60 Mbps using four copper twisted pairs.

The latest SW/FW version images are user installable and downloadable for customers via MyDCombus at

DCombus is an independent private company developing, manufacturing and marketing equipment for Ethernet over copper broadband access professional services. The company is located in Tampere, Finland. More information can be found at

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