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Date: 7th March 2011

The Knice Project “will make real impact on communities affected by knife crime”

Website and strategy re-launch for the anti knife crime project

March 7th 2011 - Knice, the project that aims to tackle knife crime in urban British youth, is pleased to announce the launch of its new beta website and the beginning of a series of community competitions and creative media arts events aimed at occupying young adults who may be vulnerable to knife crime.

With the backing of urban music stars including Wretch 32, Chipmunk, Lowkey and Khiza and the expertise of industry professionals, Knice are recruiting youths to participate in media projects that will help them develop confidence and creativity. Uniting young people for projects and building an online community enables Knice to bring the project directly to those who will benefit from it.

“The new direction means young people aren?t just watching and listening to Knice, they are being actively involved in it”, says Ady Le Roux, co-founder and creative director. “It is not just an opportunity for talented young people, we aim to make creative arts accessible to all, regardless of ability, background or ethnicity. Our goal is to spread our message of positivity and creativity and make real impact on communities”.


For more information about Knice, please visit our website at

Knice is a community initiative aimed at educating, inspiring and motivating young people to achieve their full potential. The idea is to provide creative media arts projects, which are open to all, as a way to unlocking talent, encouraging positivity and social responsibility amongst urban British youth. The purpose of this campaign is to get young people participating in these events to help steer them away from crime and into media, music and art.

Ady Le Roux
Email: ady[at]knice[co]
Tel: 07834 172411

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