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Date: 26th July 2010

Toumaz Technology Launches SPIDER Sensium? Development Kit

Sensium? Platform Integrated Development Environment Resource (SPIDER) Now Shipping To Enable Rapid Creation and Testing of End-to-End Wireless Body Monitoring Applications

Abingdon, United Kingdom, July 26th 2007 - Toumaz Technology Limited, the leading provider of ultra-low power wireless infrastructure for body monitoring solutions, today announces the immediate availability of its Sensium (TM) Platform Integrated Development Environment Resource (SPIDER), which allows customers to rapidly create and test end-to-end Sensium-based solutions. The development kit comprises two Sensium hardware development boards (one for the sensor transmitter and one for the receiver base station), Keil 8051 compiler and JTAG debugger to enable the development of system applications for the Sensium within a familiar and easy-to-use environment.

The groundbreaking Sensium sensor interface and transceiver platform enables intelligent, ultra-low power wireless monitoring of multiple vital signs – for example, ECG, heart rate, body temperature, respiration and physical activity (via a 3-axis accelerometer) – in real-time, via standard handheld devices such as mobile phones. The unique combination of ultra-low power wireless and signal processing in one small System-on-Chip (SOC) allows the economies of scale of the semiconductor industry to be harnessed to provide highly functional, robust, low cost, disposable monitors for a wide range of healthcare and lifestyle solutions. In May 2007, Toumaz announced an agreement with Healthe International, a leading health and wellness group, to develop Sensium-based applications for elite athlete training and sport optimisation.

Each SPIDER board contains one Sensium TZ1030 and a patchwork area for user supplied sensor transducers. The TZ1030 includes reconfigurable sensor interfaces, a digital block with 8051 processor and hardware MAC / network controller, and RF transceiver. Powered by either a battery or from USB/SD supplies, the board includes all the necessary RF circuitry to simplify system development. The kit includes ¼ wave planar and whip antennas, either of which can be attached via an SMA connector. A 32kb EEPROM is available to enable final code to be stored and read into the Sensium at boot up.

Dr Alison Burdett, Director of Technology at Toumaz, comments: “With SPIDER, we have created a familiar, intuitive interface to enable our customers to rapidly integrate sensors and develop new applications based on the Sensium platform. The feedback from our customers has been extremely positive, and we are now entering a very exciting phase that will result in the development of the first Sensium-enabled products.”

The SPIDER development kit is available to registered customers and is priced from £5850+VAT ($11,700). Please contact Richard McPartland on +44 (0) 1235 438950 for further information.

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About Toumaz Technology (
Toumaz Technology Limited is the leading provider of ultra-low power wireless infrastructure for body monitoring solutions.
Toumaz’s ultra low-power smart sensor interface and transceiver platform – the Sensium™ – enables non-intrusive, real-time wireless monitoring of multiple vital signs for a wide range of healthcare and lifestyle management applications. Based on Toumaz’s patented ultra-low power Advanced Mixed Signal (AMx)™ technology, the Sensium provides the enabling technology to connect the mobile individual to healthcare providers – simply, affordably and unobtrusively.
For healthcare professionals, this transforms the possibilities for pro-active monitoring and improved quality of care. For patients, it delivers new opportunities for lifestyle-compatible, personalised healthcare, as well as better therapeutic outcomes.

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