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Date: 25th March 2011

Data Centre security is still flawed say Sentry42

Norwich colocation specialist Sentry42 identifies physical security as chief risk

March 25th 2011 - Sophisticated cyber-attacks like last year’s stuxnet worm grab the headlines and trigger massive investment in anti-virus software but the chief threat to data centre security today remains ‘physical’ according to Alex Rabbetts of Norwich-based colocation specialists, Sentry42.

“Over half of the data security breaches in the UK this year will be the result of direct physical attack or theft from the data centre. The reality of our day-to-day enemy is not the international cyber terrorist gangs – it is more likely to be a disgruntled employee or petty criminal breaking in and stealing to order.”

“The lesson for data owners is clear – security needs to be professionally managed and this often means having it hosted in a specialist facility which has invested in substantial physical security. “There’s no point in investing in biometric access controls if anyone can pop around to the loading bay at the back and get to wherever they want,” says Rabbetts. “From the security hardware to the policies and procedures that govern the management of the data centre, effective data security is a speciality that often does fit easily within the normal office environment.“

This is why more companies are siting their data in specialist facilities like Sentry42’s new colocation data centre in Norwich. This centre has high perimeter fencing at least 30 metres from its main buildings, microwave intruder detection at all borders, digital CCTV covering the entire site, proximity reader access controls on all doors, biometric access control for data hall entry, proximity access control to all cabinets, and a dedicated security centre that is manned 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

“Data security is not about one-off gestures or knee-jerk investments in the latest software,” says Rabbetts. “To be effective, security is achieved by the consistent application of quality policies and procedures supported by the well-maintained hardware and devices – at Sentry42 we believe security is part of the organisation’s culture, a 24X7 habit.”

Sentry42's 60,000 sqft newly refurbished Gatehouse Data Centre is located close to Norwich and will open to customers on May 11th.

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