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Date: 31st March 2011

NetDev Ltd & Noelios Technologies Announce Open Source Converged Web/Voice Communications Framework

Open Container for Converged Voice and Web Services

31st March 2011 – NetDev Ltd and Noelios Technologies are proud to announce a new release of the Restlet Framework which supports SIP, the core protocol for Voice Over IP (VoIP) communications. Noelios is the editor of Restlet, an open source project offering a Java Framework to develop unified web applications. The addition of SIP to the Framework opens Restlet as a converged container for web services and voice communications. The latest release was sponsored and co-developed by NetDev, a provider of carrier-grade voice applications to global communications service providers.

Founder and CEO of NetDev, John Logsdon, says “together with Noelios we have brought Restlet into the telecoms world. We have created an open source, lightweight technology for both HTTP and SIP. We have ported our applications to the environment successfully and are delighted that we now have another deployment option for our customers. We will continue to work with our existing partners for carrier-grade deployments, but our ability to use SIP Restlet means we can address new markets that were previously closed to us"

Jerome Louvel, CTO and co-founder of Noelios, added “We are delighted to open Restlet to the telecom world with NetDev and encourage other companies to join our community. We want to develop an ecosystem around this foundation as an alternative to traditional, complex and heavier SIP stacks, whilst keeping alignment with internet standards. Lightweight, simplicity and performance are the key characteristics”

Restlet Version 2.1 M3, supporting SIP is released today.

About NetDev
NetDev is an independent telecoms software company, providing carrier-grade applications for communications service providers. Focusing on Inbound services, Conferencing and Collaboration, NetDev offers innovative business models to enable cost effective on-premise, managed or cloud-based deployments.

For further information please contact:
Claire Marshall
Marketing Manager, NetDev Ltd
Tel: +44 1273 936101

About Noelios
Noelios is the editor of the open source Restlet Project. Restlet is an open source project offering a Java Framework to develop unified web applications (web services, web clients, web sites) leveraging all the features of the Web and its HTTP protocol, while respecting its architecture style REST. Restlet Framework has editions for Java SE, Java EE, Google web toolkit, Google App Engine and Android.

For further information please contact:
Jérôme Louvel
Chief Technical Officer, Noelios Technologies (SARL)
Tel: +33 1 49 11 32 67

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