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Date: 13th April 2011

Data centres colocate to cut Carbon footprint

Norwich-based Sentry42 gives top ten reasons for moving to colocation facilities

April 13th 2011 - ‘Cutting their carbon footprint’ is cited as one of the top ten reasons for colocating the company’s data centre according to Norwich-based Sentry42.

“The majority of UK data centres are under 500 ft2 and as a result the power cost and carbon emissions per rack are high – for many small to medium-sized data centres a colocation facility provides the economies of scale that substantially reduce the overall power requirement, cost and associated carbon footprint,” said Sentry42’s Managing Director, Alex Rabbetts. “Additionally, when a data centre represents a small part of an organisation’s overall activities it is rarely the focus of energy saving initiatives such as investment in new energy-efficient equipment. For colocation facilities this is ‘core business’ and we can afford to invest in the latest, greenest, data centre technology.”

Top Ten Reasons for Collocating:
The top ten reasons for organisations to colocate their data centres include the following:

1. Capex Savings. The credit crunch has focussed many companies on their ‘capex-free’ options – colocating their data centre provides an opportunity to pay-as-you-go.

2. Service Reliability. Reliability and uptime are vital and colocating means that companies can contract to the assurance of a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

3. Disaster Recovery. Colocation data centre facilities invest substantially in infrastructure to protect against power outages and other external threats to service.

4. Flexibility. Colocation services grow easily with the requirements of customer organisations - extra cabinets, power and bandwidth can usually be provisioned within hours.

5. Security. Colocation data centres are able to invest more in security than dedicated, stand-alone data centres.

6. Skills & Expertise. Colocation centres have dedicated full-time data centre management teams and their skills are maintained to a high level.

7. 24/7 Support. With a colocation facility, customer organisations are buying service reliability and this mean round-the-clock support provided by trained staff.

8. Remote Control. Many colocation data centres offer customers remote monitoring tools as well as access to engineers on-site to make service modifications as required.

9. Quality of Service. Colocation data centres offer Service Level Agreements which allow organisations to make Quality of Service guarantees to their customers in turn.

10. It’s Greener! Colocation data centres are the ‘greener’ choice for many organisations because of the power efficiencies provided by their scale and their investment in the latest equipment.

Sentry42's Gatehouse Data Centre has been designed and refurbished by Migration Solutions and will open to customers on May 11th.

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