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Date: 11th May 2011

Sentry42 opens first UK data centre to customers

Located in Norwich, East Anglia, the 60,000 sq ft data centre is one of the most secure, reliable and environmentally-efficient data centres in the UK today.

May 11th 2011 - Colocation specialists, Sentry42 has opened one of the most secure, reliable and environmentally-efficient data centres in the UK today. The 60,000 sq ft newly refurbished Gatehouse Data Centre is located in Norwich, East Anglia.

Sentry42 is the colocation business of Migration Solutions, the leading independent computer room and data centre consultancy which has been responsible for the £12 million refurbishment of the data centre and its ongoing management.

Managing Director, Alex Rabbetts said: "I’ve been delighted with our rapid progress from initial concept to a customer-ready facility. Today's data centre customers rightly demand state-of-the-art environmental design without comprise on reliability or security. Sentry42 achieves this and scores very highly on every customer requirement."

Sentry42’s datacentre will provide facilities for companies from across sectors looking to outsource their hosting requirements to a flexible facility which can accommodate growth. It offers N+1 power redundancy with diverse supply to all cabinets and the back-up of UPS and generators with enough fuel to run the entire data centre for up to eight days at full load.

The data centre's telecommunications connectivity offers access to multiple providers via managed Telco Interchange Rooms (TIRs) including BT, Cable & Wireless and Virgin Media, all of which take fibre onto the site. The facility's resilience and connectivity is matched by its outstanding environmental credentials which include free cooling for its IT equipment for 95% of the year and a smart integrated design system which re-uses excess heat generated by the equipment to heat the offices on site. Additionally the new data centre uses low power LED lighting, controlled by Passive Infra-Red (PIR) motion detectors.

Over 100 customer organisations are expected to use Sentry42’s new facility for data hosting.

For further information on Migration Solutions and Sentry42 contact:
T: 08451 424242
E: info[at]sentry42[dot]com

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