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Date: 24th May 2011

Globys Extends Telecom Data Expertise to Enable Contextual Life Cycle Management

Customer experience solutions apply contextual insights to provide relevant, one-to-one communications that impact key business goals

May 24th 2011 - Seattle, WA – Globys (, a leading provider of customer experience solutions for the telecommunications market worldwide, announces the enhancement of its Customer Experience suite to enable more effective life cycle management by proactively engaging customers with relevant, one-to-one communications throughout their entire life cycle.

By assuming a customer-centric approach toward life cycle management and leveraging the power of the data that operators already have along with unique contextual insights, the Globys solutions maximize the relevance of communications – whether information, alerts, offers, or content - to each customer. As a result, operators improve customer lifetime value, increasing overall customer revenues and loyalty while lowering cost to serve.

The Globys solutions define a wide range of unique contexts, those that are billing and usage-related, those driven by customer interactions, behaviours, external events, time, location, etc., and apply them across a customer’s entire lifecycle – whether consumer, small business, or enterprise. The ability to identify and target contexts is based on Globys’ fifteen years of expertise in helping operators leverage their customer data assets to enhance the customer experience.

“Traditionally, operators have relied on segmentation schemas and calendar-based life cycle event triggers, such as ‘third month as a subscriber’ or ‘one month before contract renewal,’ to drive customer engagement communications despite realizing the limitation of this approach,” said Glenn Pingul, vice president of products and mobile strategies of Globys. “Globys is helping operators shift their focus from running one-off campaigns that focus on product penetration or campaign lift, for example, to realizing the cumulative benefit of creating an ongoing, relevant dialogue with each customer related to billing information, usage alerts, marketing offers, pre-emptive Care messages, etc.”

What is unique about Globys’ solutions is that they enable operators to leverage complex behavioural attributes and usage data to uncover more relevant life cycle-based contexts. This allows operators to target specific moments in time that are likely to impact a customer’s future profit potential. For example, the solutions can take current usage and top up data for a prepaid subscriber and determine that they will run out of credit prior to expiry and thus be more receptive to a bonus top up offer after completing a call. Or that when a business subscriber’s usage has dropped three consecutive months, an educational email designed to stimulate usage is the best action to take. Or that the best time to contact a postpaid subscriber with a loyalty reward to prevent churn is after a period of unusually high usage. Or that for a high value customer that has experienced five dropped calls in one week, a proactive SMS crediting the account for the dropped calls is best. In this case, a proactive alert not only pre-empts a call to Care but also increases customer loyalty.

“With Globys’ solutions, operators act upon contexts that matter, providing every business unit, from Care and Engineering to Billing and Marketing the opportunity to positively impact the customer experience,” said Pingul. “Through automated machine learning, optimal actions are identified, as well as the impact of not taking action, which eliminates many of the manual and complex processes that operators complain of today.”

Globys is currently deploying its solutions to help service providers meet a variety of objectives including service plan optimization, bundle migration, usage stimulation, increasing cross-sales revenue, churn reduction, and channel optimization.

About Globys
Globys provides some of the world’s leading telecommunications carriers with solutions that help them leverage their customer data assets to enhance the overall customer experience. A spin off from VeriSign Inc., one of the world’s leading providers of infrastructure services, Globys offers a suite of products that have helped meet the needs of telecommunications carriers for more than 15 years and supports global customer deployments. Globys has headquarters in Seattle and regional offices around the world. Additional information can be found at

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