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Date: 12th August 2008

The Imaging Source Offers Chance To Win The Ultimate Planetary, Lunar And Solar Telescope Camera

Charlotte, NC, August 12, 2008 - The Imaging Source, a multi-national manufacturer of imaging hardware and software for astronomy, is now offering amateur astro-photographers a fantastic chance to win one of their renowned telescope cameras (DMK 21AU04.AS).

The DMK 21AU04.AS monochrome telescope camera has a resolution of 640x480, maximum exposure of up to 60 minutes and can capture up to 60 fps. Other monochrome and color models are available at resolutions of 1024x768 and 1280x960, with and without an IR cut filter. All telescope cameras ship with either a USB 2.0 or FireWire connector and deploy low noise CCD chips from Sony.

In "Sky & Telescope", Sean Walker wrote:

"The Imaging Source [CCD imager] is a well-designed, versatile camera that is a natural progression for planetary astro-photographers looking to upgrade from a consumer webcam. The camera control software IC Capture.AS seems to be a mature program itself, complementing the camera perfectly."

The winner of the competition will also receive a copy of the camera control software "IC Capture.AS", with which all cameras parameters can be set and singular images and sequences written to disk. The resulting uncompressed AVI files can be loaded into RegiStax and similar software for post-acquisition processing.

Getting started is simply a matter of connecting the telescope camera to a PC, installing the shipped software and within minutes amateur astronomers will be capturing images of the night sky.

To be in with a chance of winning, all interested parties have to do is go to the following web site and answer one simple question. But they should hurry as the competition closes on September 03, 2008!


About The Imaging Source

The Imaging Source is a multi-national enterprise with branches in the US, Taiwan and Germany. They have been manufacturing imaging products for scientific, industrial and medical applications for more than twenty years. In 2007, The Imaging Source released a series of cameras designed specifically to meet the needs of amateur astro-photographers. The new astronomy cameras leverage the years of experience gathered in the aforementioned fields, to bring amateur astro-photographers highly affordable, robust and stable astronomy cameras for their telescopes.

Product Photos, Screenshots And Logos

Astronomy Camera - DMK 21AF04.AS


Photos Captured With Astronomy Cameras


Photos Showing Astronomy Cameras "In Action"


IC Capture.AS CD:


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The Imaging Source Astronomy Cameras Logo (Black on White)


The Imaging Source Astronomy Cameras Logo (White on Black)


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