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Date: 21st June 2011

Penthera Partners address load optimisation on mobile networks

New White Paper: Managing the Data Deluge – Enabling Mobile Operators to deliver more capacity, more efficiently and an improved customer experience

June 21st 2011 - Today, Penthera Partners unveiled a new white paper on Network Load Optimization for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) aimed at helping MNOs manage expected growth rates of 90% per annum for mobile data services. The white paper provides much needed practical guidance and details of new smart network optimization strategies, which can deliver both cost effective capacity growth and traffic personalization while providing superior customer experience.

Dr Sam Leinhardt, Penthera’s Co-Founder and CEO is presenting this Network Load Optimization white paper at next week’s Future of Wireless International Conference organised by Cambridge Wireless on 27th & 28th June 2011, which will focus on ‘Networks under Stress’.

Mobile customers are buying more data and entertainment optimized devices, such as tablets and smartphones, than ever before. This trend, coupled with an increase in supply of ‘data heavy’ applications and services, e.g., eMagazines, Video, Film, TV and Games, is driving a forecasted tenfold increase in demand for mobile data by 2015 (Cisco VNI 2011)

Traditional solutions for dealing with traffic growth, such as cell splitting, increased spectrum capacity, additional cell sites, new network technology and tiered pricing, only partially solve the problem because of capital cost, limited implementation practicalities and, in the case of tiered pricing, market acceptance.

The white paper describes a range of complementary and innovative off-loading strategies that maximise the effectiveness of data traffic management and result in a faster, more reliable service for the end user. As explained by Dr Sam Leinhardt, Penthera’s Co-Founder and CEO, ‘established network data capacity solutions can only go so far. Time shifting heavy payloads to off peak times, bearer shifting to out-of-band networks and avoidance of heavily loaded cells are among the strategies that are now available and can provide a cost effective addition to traditional approaches.’

Off-loading methods, which use software agent and ‘cloud’ resources, optimize and help balance the use of existing network infrastructure without the need for major investments in infrastructure or spectral resources. By enabling customers to download content to their mobile device and consume it at their convenience, consumption can occur regardless of network access and at the best performance the device can provide.

Dr Sam Leinhardt summarizes the opportunity for smart off-loading and demonstrates how MNOs can cost effectively grow their network capacity, while tailoring their service to deliver a better customer experience.

The Penthera whitepaper on Network Load Optimization can be downloaded from

About Penthera
Penthera Partners is a privately-held software firm based in Pittsburgh, USA and London, UK. It is backed by experience with more than 80 man-years of research and development in technology and software infrastructure.

Penthera develops and builds a range of fully scalable systems & services for the reliable delivery mobile video and multimedia. Penthera holds 10 issued and pending patents developed by engineers and technologists hailing from some of the world’s most respected centers of innovation, including Carnegie Mellon University, Apple, Nokia, Cisco, Motorola, Palm and British Telecom (BT).

Penthera provides effective solutions to technology challenges facing the communications industry.

About Virtuoso
Penthera Partners has developed and deployed a sophisticated multi-domain agent/cloud-based software platform that has been successfully trialled and is being deployed by MNOs and device OEMs. This platform, Virtuoso, has also demonstrated significant advantages over traditional streaming methods for delivering a wide variety of media. When coupled with a “get it now” capability, i.e., a switchable streaming option, consumers’ desires for time sensitive feeds can also be satisfied. Virtuoso implements the network off-loading strategies in a cost-effective and user-friendly fashion.

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