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Date: 30th June 2011

Paralleling of IGBTs and Diodes of one Power Module – pushes power capability

Pushing the capability of Power Modules

June 30th 2011 - The increasing request for motor drives with higher power levels is also driving the demand for power modules providing higher currents.

The conventional approach to fulfill this requirement is to look for dedicated high current power modules. This article describes the alternative approach of paralleling IGBTs and diodes within one power module to extend its power capability, for example using a 35 A sixpack module as a 100 A half bridge.

The use of sixpacks as half bridges can boost the performance and enable the use of preferred modules and packages at higher power levels. Special care has to be taken regarding the drive circuit and current de-rating is to be considered when calculating the current of a single chip used in a multi-chip arrangement. Individual emitter sense down to chip level and symmetrical design are required of the power module. By using the components in parallel, not only can higher current levels be reached, but also the reliability of the design is improved.

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