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Date: 12th July 2011

New Range of Universal Roofing Components from Redland

Redland is launching Rapid+: competitively-priced universal components packaged as a branded offering for roofing contractors

July 12th 2011 - Redland is launching Rapid+: competitively-priced universal components packaged as a branded offering for roofing contractors. Individually the products offer particular performance characteristics and collectively they build into a portfolio of quick and easy-to use products meeting current demands for low-skill application, mortar-free and adequately ventilated pitched roofs.

Redland+ will be supplied through merchants, allowing merchants and contractors to access, for the first time, Redland’s market-leading technical expertise in a competitive price range that can be used with most leading roof tile brands.

This introduction represents a significant development in the marketing of Redland’s products as the company is focusing attention on smaller contractors working in the refurbishment market. This is part of a strategy that is seeing the launch of Redland Select, a collaborative scheme in which independent contractors will benefit from significant marketing support to access the growing refurbishment market.

Contractors working within the Redland Select programme must use Redland products throughout the roof in order to give the householder the unique 10 year system guarantee, and will therefore be asking for the complete range of Redland components. Rapid+ components are efficient for the merchant to stock. Being universal they meet the whole market need and remove the need for multiple range stock holding.

Take-up will not be limited to Redland Select members, however: the Competent Roofer Scheme is also attracting more contractor members who are keen to take ownership of the building control process. Redland’s Rapid+ range allows them to be sure they are using high quality products but only need to familiarise themselves with one range of components for all applications .

Rapid+ is now available to merchants and the response so far has been extremely positive. Andy Dennis, Sales Director at Redland summarises the situation: “Merchants and contractors are welcoming the opportunity to access Redland branded products without the premium price tag associated with our specification ranges. By ensuring that Rapid+ is universal we are making it an easier decision to stock Redland branded products.”

Merchants will also be able to capitalise on a range of marketing support materials including point-of-sale promotional material for the components and range literature to explain the concept.

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