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Date: 29th July 2011

How to turn an IT problem into a CSR solution, from Sentry42

Data centre provider Sentry42 launches business briefings series in Norwich

July 29th 2011 - Data centre provider, Sentry42, has launched of a series of business briefings which examine the most pressing concerns in Information Technology (IT) today. The series will start on Wednesday, 7th September in Norwich with a briefing focussed the rising cost of power for IT and growing demand for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) solutions from large-scale power users.

Sentry42’s Managing Director, Alex Rabbetts said: ‘IT is reported to be responsible for as much carbon emission as the aviation industry, so it is little wonder that business growth is being constrained today by the lack of availability of electricity for IT, Internet computing and data centres. Furthermore, the little electricity that is available is increasingly expensive and subject to scrutiny. Regulators in Westminster and Brussels want to see companies use less power while shareholders and consumers expect more evidence of Corporate Social Responsibility as well as greater profits and products.’

This first Sentry42 Business Briefing will examine how to cut power bills, the Carbon Reduction Commitment, the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres, and how to turn an IT problem into a CSR solution. Guest speakers include Dan Ilett, founder of the award-winning sustainable technology analysis company, Greenbang.

Later this year, the series of business briefings will examine IT Disaster Recovery (5th October) and Data Security (3rd November).

Attendance at the business briefing is free of charge. For further information and registration see:

About Sentry42
Sentry42 opened the Gatehouse Data Centre to customers in May this year. Located close to Norwich in Norfolk, with excellent access via road, rail and air, (just 2 hours from London), the Gatehouse is one of the most outstanding data centres in the UK and the largest in East Anglia. The 60,000 sq ft facility offers clients unparalleled security, reliability and environmental credentials. The facility is managed by Migration Solutions, the UK's leading independent Computer Room and Data Centre Specialist.

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