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Date: 13th September 2011

Cortus Awarded Siemens France 2011 Grand Prix for Innovation, in the Category "Town of Tomorrow"

Cortus APS3 recognised as key enabler for electronic monitoring and financial transactions in tomorrow’s urban environment

September 13th 2011 - Cortus has been awarded the Siemens France 2011 Grand Prix for Innovation in the Category "Town of Tomorrow" for their innovative, low power, high performance APS3 processor for the embedded systems of today and tomorrow. For the next year Cortus will benefit from the sponsorship and mentoring of Siemens France.

Michael Chapman, President and CEO of Cortus, accepted the prize from Laure Reinhart, Director General OSEO. (Photo available on request.)

Cortus was awarded the prize in recognition of the wide range of roles their innovative processor can play in the world of tomorrow, enabling the enhancement of many aspects of daily life through technology that offers more security, safety and a more responsible attitude to the environment and energy resources.
Michael Chapman underlined how the APS3 processor, thanks to its very low power consumption, small silicon footprint yet high performance and wide application will enable technologies such as: patient monitoring in hospital settings, enhanced comfort, safety and reduced energy and emissions in an urban environment. With an ever aging population simple low power ubiquitous electronic monitoring will ensure prolonged autonomy, independence and safety of the elderly and infirm. The processor core can also be used to secure transactions such as smart ticketing in public transport.

The Cortus APS3 is a high performance 32-bit processor designed specifically for embedded systems. It features a tiny silicon footprint (the same size as an 8051), very low power consumption, high code density and high performance (up to 1.67 DMIPS/MHz, 1.90 CoreMarks*). The ecosystem around the APS3 is rich and well developed, and it includes peripherals commonly used in embedded systems, bus bridges to ensure easy interfacing to other IP and system support and functions such as cache and memory management units. A full development environment (for C and C++) is available, which can be customised and branded for final customer use. For the most demanding designs the APS3 can be used in a multi-core configuration. The APS3 processor core is currently in production in a range of products from security applications to ultra low power RF designs.

(*CoreMark/MHZ 1.0 : 1.899226 / GCC4.5.1 20110502 (Cortus) -mmul -flto -O3 -funroll-all-loops -finline-limit=500 / Stack 1:1 imem, 1:1 dmem)

About Cortus S.A.:
Cortus S.A. is the cost/performance leader for 32 bit processor IP for embedded systems. Cortus cores are used in applications where one or more of small silicon footprint, low power consumption, good code density/small code memory size and high performance are important.
Cortus is the world leader in terms of DMIPS per square millimetre and DMIPS per microwatt.

Cortus S.A. Contact:
David Kerr-Munslow,
Tel: +
Email: david.kerr-munslow[at]cortus[dot]com

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