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Date: 20th September 2011

Insignia launches new reward points credit card

A new credit card offering a unique reward points system is being launched by lifestyle management company, Insignia, to its ultra-high net worth clientele this month.

September 20th 2011 - A new credit card offering a unique reward points system is being launched by lifestyle management company, Insignia, to its ultra-high net worth clientele this month.

The Label Visa Platinum credit card is a multi-currency credit card that can be used across the globe by Insignia Lifestyle Management members. The key advantage of this travel-friendly product is that different currencies can be charged to the card while avoiding costly exchange rate charges.

This is the first Insignia credit card to offer a reward points system. Accumulated points can be exchanged for a wide range of luxury goods and services from affiliated brand providers, these include: private jet travel, yachts, electronics and vintage wines. In addition, members will be issued with a rewards point catalogue, the Million Rewards Brochure, containing details on the wide range of goods and services to choose from.

Nada Von Bader, Vice President at Insignia Lifestyle Management, commented: “The Label Visa Platinum card won’t just meet our member’s requirements it will exceed them. Like our other financial products, this card will facilitate our members’ every need, as they enjoy international travel; combining financial efficiency with uncompromising luxury.”

Card holders will receive detailed quarterly invoice statements and have constant access to their account information through the Insignia online banking portal. In addition, the card offers services such as premium travel and health insurance packages. Users will also receive a free subscription to Insignia’s luxury lifestyle magazine Insignia Magazine: The Voice of Luxury.

This unique card can be ordered as a single currency dollar or multi-currency card for client convenience while travelling anywhere in the world. Card holders will also have access to special Vodafone package that includes a free handset and tailored, reduced cost tariffs.

Label Visa Platinum is the latest in a range of credit cards created to cater for the luxury lifestyle requirements of Insignia’s ultra-high net worth clientele. Others include: the bespoke Royal and Glamour cards, and the signature Insignia card. All of Insignia’s cards are produced in association with major financial partners such as Visa and Mastercard.


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Notes to editors:
About Insignia Lifestyle Management
Insignia is the world’s only high-end lifestyle management group that offers bespoke financial and luxury lifestyle services to ultra-high net worth individuals across the globe.

Founded in 1996, Insignia currently has offices in New York, London, Vienna, Montreal, Dubai, and Moscow, with future plans to open offices in other global capitals.

Insignia offers its members financial freedom and security through a spectrum of financial services, including a line of credit cards, secure online banking and a rewards programme. Its lifestyle management facilities give members access to some of the world’s most opulent hotels, exotic travel destinations, high class restaurants and top fashion brands – virtually no request is impossible.

The company caters to the needs of only the wealthiest elite and membership is restricted to a select number of clients who enjoy a privileged and exclusive luxury lifestyle. Offering its members a unique Luxury Expert-to-member ratio of 2:1, clients can enjoy round-the-clock access to Insignia’s full range of services every day of the year.

Insignia’s editorial services, such as the glossy, high-end Insignia Magazine: The Voice of Luxury, provide anyone interested in the world of luxury with a valuable and indulgent resource, in both print and online. In addition, the company delivers a variety of telecom and private member services to give its clients the very best of all worlds.

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