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Date: 30th September 2011

Optimized Power Modules - The pursuit of industry best-in-class performance of power modules from Vincotech

Energy efficiency is the key for optimized power modules

September 30th 2011 - In a world where energy efficiency is king, engineers, managers and purchasing departments alike need to examine carefully the route their company takes in the development of new products. It is no longer just a case of going back to the usual component suppliers. Total optimization is now absolutely key and this can only be achieved cost-effectively with careful forethought, flexibility and planning.

The market for power modules has proven to be highly successful and has taken a huge load off companies’ purchasing and engineering departments by providing a compact, affordable solution which works right first time. Power modules can provide benefits to power electronic equipment like solar inverter and UPS, especially at higher power levels, for more complex circuits and if high reliability levels have to be achieved. For optimum system performance, the combination of a variety of semiconductors, from different semiconductor vendors are required - especially for the upcoming solar inverter market.

Vincotech as a specialized power module manufacturer with its wide semiconductor supplier range, is best prepared and equipped to serve these requirements.

For more information please see Vincotech’s article about the advantages of power modules over discrete solutions: OptimizedPM

About Vincotech:
Vincotech, an independent operating unit within Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, is a market leader in power modules in development and manufacturing of high-quality electronic power components for Motion Control, and Renewable Energy applications.
With some 500 employees worldwide, backed by vast experience and a long history in electronics integration, Vincotech leverages these assets to help customers attain maximum market success.
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