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Date: 30th September 2011

TVS announces the 2012 Multicore Technology Challenge III

Bristol based event will help designers, engineers and managers tackle the many challenges presented by the latest multicore technology, with a number of in depth webinars planned between now and the live event in September 2012

Bristol, 30 September 2011 – TVS announces the Multicore Challenge for 2012. The Multicore Challenge is an annual event that considers the challenges surrounding developing software products built on multicore hardware. Held physically in Bristol but webcast around the world, the meetings provide a chance to listen to the latest multicore technology. Designers, engineers and managers may sign up to the LinkedIn group (the “Multicore Challenge”) to keep up to date with developments and attend all the exciting webcasts between now and September 2012.

Chip manufacturers are moving to multicore designs (i.e. multiple CPU cores on a single chip) to achieve the relentless drive for improved performance at lower power demanded by consumers. Doubling the processing power by adding an extra CPU – what could be simpler? The problem is that the programmer now needs to write their program to run on multiple CPUs. That means working out what can be executed in parallel and then how to synchronise between those parallel executions. That is hard, VERY hard to do and The Multicore Challenge is aimed at helping.

The Multicore Challenge II attracted over 100 delegates to Bristol in September 2011 with talks from international companies such as ARM and ST-Ericsson, academics from Bristol University and local multicore start-ups such as XMOS and PicoChip.

TVS, a supplier of software testing and hardware verification solutions, organised the event and all slides have been posted on their website. TVS CEO, Mike Bartley, said.

“We were very pleased to see so many people at this event. Our speakers gave a clear overview of the challenges and some potential solutions and the panel at the end was extremely lively. Our delegates have given us some fantastic feedback to allow us to put together an even better event next year as well as interesting web casts in the meantime.”

Between now and the Multicore Challenge III there will be a number of webinars from companies like Intel, ARM and IBM looking in depth at the hardware, the programming languages and tools needed and the verification and debug techniques. By signing up to the LinkedIn Group delegates can ensure complimentary invites to events and take part in the online discussions and debates.

Hope to see you at Multicore Challenge III, either in person or remotely.

About the “Multicore Challenge”
The Multicore Challenge is a series of FREE events aimed at explaining the challenges in programming multicore platforms. There is a physical event held in Bristol every September which is also webcast. Between those annual events there are a number of webinars from both international companies and startups. It is easy to keep in touch with these events by signing up to the LinkedIn group.

About TVS
TVS (Bristol, UK) delivers an independent testing service that not only reduces costs and time-to-market, but also improves product quality. TVS combines skills and experience in software testing, hardware verification and outsourcing to provide customers with an efficient, well-managed, quality assurance service. The company provides both consultancy and execution services using experienced engineering resources in several locations around the world.

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