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Date: 2nd November 2011

KIIDs – don't underestimate the technical challenges in producing Key Investor Information Documents

Benefit from CLS Communication’s comprehensive, automated technical solution for fund managers

November 2nd 2011 - Many fund managers underestimate the challenges they face in producing Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs). With the deadline for implementation fast approaching, now is the time to talk about an automated technical solution.
At the moment, KIIDs are often lumped together with other fund documents. Yet they are very different to fact sheets: not just the plain language requirement and layout restrictions, but also the precisely defined risk indicator and performance chart. KIIDs also have to be registered with the authorities, whereas an old fact sheet could be deleted as soon as a new version became available.

For all of these reasons, any manual solution for producing KIIDs has to be a non-starter – but all too often documents are prepared with an Excel spreadsheet, or on the same technical platform as fact sheets.

Anyone looking to publish KIIDs in a cost-effective, client-friendly and compliant way would benefit from choosing a comprehensive language and technical solution with maximum automation. Choose CLS Communication as your language services provider and you will enjoy the following advantages:
- Your KIIDs written and edited by proven experts, taking account of all legal requirements;
- Expertise in the area of KIIDs and plain language;
- Large team of in-house financial translators with many years' experience;
- Language technology that ensures your KIID process is managed efficiently;
- Fully integrated technical solution through a partner firm.

About CLS Communication (
CLS Communication is a globally active provider of professional language services to clients in the banking, finance, insurance, telecommunications, life science and legal sectors. We have around 600 in-house and 2,400 external language experts and we use advanced technology. Thanks to this international network, CLS offers its clients a round-the-clock writing, editing and translating service.

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