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Date: 2nd November 2011

Corporates show public sector how the right choice of office software products can make savings on the ground

Shrewd choice of office products makes the difference, saving both money and time

November 2nd 2011 - Cash-strapped public service departments can take lessons from the office management practices of global companies like ORC Group and The Grass Roots Group in delivering real savings ‘on the ground’.

Cameron Kiss, London Office Administrator of finance software company ORC Group says departments should look for low-cost office software products that do more:

“I always have too much to do, so time-saving is crucial. A software product that saves me time is a bit like a washing machine for a multi-tasking housewife.

“For example, I don’t organise staff holidays by hand any more. I just input data once and my software produces customised rosters and reports. This package, Holiday Scheduler, has freed up hours of my time.”

The Institute for Fiscal Studies is warning of cuts to last well beyond the next election, so this ‘every little saving helps’ philosophy is more crucial now that it’s ever been.

Jon Kilner-Smith, Event Support Analyst with international business improvement company The Grass Roots Group makes a similar point about his ‘office consumables’ supplier:

“We have freed up staff who used to be in charge of ordering and storing consumables. Our supplier now does all that for us now, as part of their free service. A supplier operating an ‘imprest’ system means we’re only charged for what we use.”

Funding for Transport, Home Office and Defence is about to be pared to the bone. Shrewd spending choices of the UK’s larger companies can teach newly impoverished departments and organisations how to stretch their budgets further.

• ORC uses the MTIS software package Holiday Scheduler to chart and plan for staff sickness, holidays, training and days off (

• The ORC Group provides a broad range of software solutions for the Global Financial Industry (

• The Grass Roots Group is a global performance improvement company, operating in 15 countries (

• The Grass Roots Group’s supplier Stock in Trade operates a free ‘imprest’ service to manage and deliver its office supplies and consumables (

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