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Date: 3rd November 2011

Akaibu buys Evolve from Bluesource

Technology acquisition marks launch of data migration software vendor

November 3rd 2011 - Akaibu, Inc., a newly-formed software business, today announces the acquisition of the data archive software assets known as Evolve, from Bluesource.

Andy Ward, CEO of Bluesource comments: “When we began the development of what has become known as Evolve over a year ago, we did so believing that this may become a tool that our own consultants could use to deliver data migration projects. In the process, we found that we had developed much more than this; indeed, we consider Evolve to be a software system of great utility and that there existed a significant need for such migration software.”

Andy Ward continued: “With this sale we have achieved two things – set loose a new business, run by great people, who know how to run a software business, and at that same time, given ourselves a great software system that we can use on service engagements.”

Brian Babineau, Vice President, Research and Analyst Services at the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) echoed Andy’s comments about the market. “The archiving market continues to grow because of the increasing emphasis on data retention driven by compliance, legal and IT resource optimization demands. At the same time, the archive solution market is consolidating which means more companies have a need to migrate from their current archives into archiving platforms that better meet their current and future requirements. These organizations will benefit from Akaibu Evolve for an efficient and cost effective transition.”

Bob Fidler, Vice President of Business Development for Mimecast North America, notes that: “We consistently see the need for migration software as organizations move to the cloud. As companies move to our Unified Email Management solution, we look for software solutions like Akaibu Evolve to facilitate and ease the migration process.”

Mary Kay Roberto, CEO of Akaibu states: “We are delighted to be able to begin our growth journey on an excellent foundation from Bluesource. Our mission is to keep focused on delivering the best software there is for data archive migration. With highly productive and successful customers, we are embarking on expansion of our qualified partner channel to provide the service ‘wrapper’ around our technology. The combination of effective and efficient software and great partners will meet the growing requirement for safe, secure and swift migrations.”

About Akaibu Inc.
Akaibu, pronounced “a-ka-ee-boo”, is the literal Japanese pronunciation of the English word, ‘archive’. Akaibu is a software company that designs, develops, markets, sells and supports data migration management software that safely and securely, simplifies and speeds up, the critical process of moving data from old archives into those that are more modern. Akaibu is based in Fort Worth, Texas, USA. It is a wholly independent company, privately funded and run. Further information can be found at

About Akaibu Evolve
Akaibu Evolve is a modular archive migration system based upon Microsoft Windows architecture. The software utilizes APIs published by the leading archive vendors, such as Autonomy and Symantec, to migrate email and other electronically stored information between archives with full chain of custody and audit capabilities. Akaibu Evolve uses an intelligent workflow system to ensure that customers’ archive migrations are performed without over-complication and yet retain a high degree of fidelity and flexibility.

About Mary Kay Roberto
Mary Kay Roberto has a 20-year track record of success leading and growing early stage software and services companies in the US and the EU. Most recent roles include US General Manager and leading the UK field sales and marketing team in the UK for Mimecast, a fast growing SaaS unified email management organization. Prior to Mimecast, Mary Kay was VP of Sales at MetaLincs, an eDiscovery software company where she built strategic relationships in large organizations in financial services industry and government prior to the sale to Seagate. She also built US operations for UK-based KVS from inception, growing over 100% each year as it achieved the leadership position in email archiving prior to its acquisition by Veritas.

For further information, please contact:

Mary Kay Roberto,
CEO, Akaibu
Tel: 817 357 4255
Email: marykay.roberto[at]akaibu.[dot]com

Rob Wirszycz,
Director, Akaibu
Tel: 07920 759251
Email: rob.wirszycz[at]akaibu[dot]com

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