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Date: 7th November 2011

Akaibu launches Evolve to lower risk of data archive migration

New software unlocks new revenue opportunities for specialist service providers. Fast, low-risk archive migrations now possible without impacting critical business processes

November 7th 2011 - Akaibu, Inc., the archive data migration specialists, today announced the official release of Akaibu Evolve, a powerful software platform that simply and efficiently reduces the risks inherent in archive migrations. Delivered through a network of certified third party specialists, Akaibu Evolve makes it easier for hundreds of organizations to benefit from the next generation of archive technologies and has already won praise from customers that experienced faster project turnaround and reduced costs.

Akaibu Evolve has been designed by a team with years of hands-on experience and who know the complexities that emerge when companies need to “lift and shift” archived data. With data retention policies now extending beyond 10 years, the number of companies caught between archives by prohibitive cost and complexity is increasing all the time. Experienced migration service providers are being presented with a perfect opportunity to increase revenues, with a growing market segment demanding a safe and efficient route into new on-premise or cloud archives.

Mary Kay Roberto, CEO of Akaibu states: “One thing migration customers demand for their data is integrity. Expert service providers play a crucial role here because corruptions and unresolved errors can seriously undermine a project. Time-consuming manual administration is highly disruptive and takes far longer than most people anticipate, but with a system like Akaibu Evolve, customers can achieve maximum data integrity, in much shorter timeframes.”

Cleveland-based law firm Ulmer & Berne LLP is one of the companies that has seen a dramatic reduction in migration times through the use of Akaibu Evolve. “We wanted to ensure our archived email data was secure and that the chain of custody was protected,” said Michael Cooper, Systems Analyst for Ulmer & Berne. “We had been through a very difficult and time-consuming migration at our Cincinnati office last year and we could not afford a repeat of that experience. This time we opted for the services of a specialist provider who introduced us to Akaibu Evolve and we’ve saved a huge amount of time and resource as a result.”

Akaibu relies on certified services partners to deliver archive migration projects as has been demonstrated at a number of banks and law firms using its software. Furthermore, Symantec has officially approved Akaibu Evolve for use with their market leading, on-premise archiving solution, Enterprise Vault. Mary Kay concludes: “We have proven Akaibu Evolve works very well in a number of different settings, and we are now seeking additional service companies to deliver our pipeline of data archive migration projects both in the US and UK.”

About Akaibu Inc.
Akaibu, pronounced “a-ka-ee-boo”, is the literal Japanese pronunciation of the English word, ‘archive’. Akaibu is a software company that designs, develops, markets, sells and supports data migration management software that safely and securely, simplifies and speeds up, the critical process of moving data from old archives into those that are more modern. Akaibu is based in Fort Worth, Texas, USA. It is a wholly independent company, privately funded and run. Further information can be found at

About Akaibu Evolve
Akaibu Evolve is a modular archive migration system based upon Microsoft Windows architecture. The software utilizes APIs published by the leading archive vendors, such as Autonomy and Symantec, to migrate email and other electronically stored information between archives with full chain of custody and audit capabilities. Akaibu Evolve uses an intelligent workflow system to ensure that customers’ archive migrations are performed without over-complication and yet retain a high degree of fidelity and flexibility.

For further information, please contact:

Mary Kay Roberto,
CEO, Akaibu
Tel: 817 357 4255
Email: marykay.roberto[at]akaibu[dot]com

Rob Wirszycz,
Director, Akaibu
Tel: 07920 759251
Email: rob.wirszycz[at]akaibu[dot]com

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