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Date: 10th November 2011

StarChip Announces Successful Ramp Up to High Volume Production of its SCF320G/384G SIM Controllers

Unveiled late in 2010, The SCF320G/384G SIM controllers have been designed to address USIM Java CardTM applications.

MEYREUIL, Nov 10th, 2011- StarChip®, a semiconductor company designing and qualifying products for mass production to enable its customers to purchase directly finished products from qualified foundries, today announced the successful ramp up of its SCF320G/SCF384G SIM controllers to high volume production for customers. Unveiled late in 2010, The SCF320G/384G SIM controllers have been designed to address USIM Java CardTM applications.

The SIM market is one of the world’s largest in terms of volume. Customers in this competitive marketplace demand highly effective SIM controllers, as well as short lead times and maximum reliability. Meeting this challenging combination of demands requires innovative business and technical approaches that can control costs, without compromising performance.

To achieve the above challenges, StarChip® carefully selected the most advanced technologies and IPs available to optimize the design of its SCF SIM Controller Family. In addition, we enabled our customers to benefit from a more cost-effective value chain by purchasing finished products directly from foundries. We are proud today to see, the success of this new business model with foundries and to see that several customers are either ramping up to high volume or planned to ramp up to high volume in the next quarters. To sustain this success, we continue to strengthen our growth and fulfil customers’ expectations by adding new devices of SCF family all through 2012.

“This successful ramp up of our SIM controllers demonstrates our capability to offer the right solution in a highly competitive market like SIM Controller market, said Christian Dupuy COO of StarChip. We trust on our foundry partners to SIM Controllers market as we have seen tangible actions: very strong Embedded Flash R&D investment bringing to the market very competitive solutions, Embedded Flash production capacity continuing to be increased to reach the right level to serve this high volume market,...”

The SCF320G, SCF384G and derivatives are available now in Mass production in wafer form or sawn dice on frame. For more information, contact StarChip Sales at

About StarChip®:
StarChip® is a dynamic semiconductor company that enables customers to directly benefit from its unique, optimized value chain system. We design and qualify products for mass production, then license our solutions for purchase directly by our customers through qualified foundries and test houses.

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