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Date: 5th April 2012

Cambridge Wireless explore the future of the User's Experience of Technology

What does the Future Hold?

5th April 2012, Cambridge UK: On Thursday, 22nd March 2012, the Cambridge Wireless User Experience Special Interest Group (SIG) held an event at Philips Research, UK in Cambridge. The event took place as part of the Cambridge News, and Business Weekly Awards Week. Jointly sponsored by Granta Park and Philips Research, the User Experience SIG Event focused on how audience participation with technology will focus on emerging lifestyle scenarios, and the methodologies by which new technologies can match their users' needs and expectations to provide an intuitive and satisfying user experience.

The Awards Week, which is a joint venture between Cambridge News, and Business Weekly, celebrated Cambridge Life, and commended the individuals who have excelled at making Cambridge a thriving business and technology zone.

“We are most pleased to have been involved in this important week along with our User Experience SIG. This event brought speakers and delegates from across the UK to discuss user expectations in the technology industry, how they have been met seamlessly, and what the future trends are.” commented Soraya Jones, CEO of Cambridge Wireless. “It is refreshing to see brilliant minds from all over the UK gather in Cambridge to shape the industry”.

“Having Cambridge Wireless and the User Experience SIG take part in the Cambridge Awards Week was quite great. The fact that the event was broadcast to Eindhoven, was even better. To know that Cambridge is being promoted as a hub for growth in business and technology is reassuring, and exactly the message that should be portrayed,” said Roz Bird, Director, Granta Park.

Speaking at the User Experience SIG event, Jan Poesse System Architect Connectivity, Philips Research, looked into the trends that influence the user experience of products and services; Jason Williams, Research Manager, Orange Labs, UK spoke about the rapid pace of technological developments in the mobile telecoms industry and the possibilities the developments open up for the recipients of services; Ben Vaughan, CEO & Business Development, ARToolworks discussed “Augmented Reality – what does the future hold for the user”.

Of particular interest at the event, was Jenny Tillotson, Senior Research Fellow, University of the Arts London. Her investigatory look into the art of Scentsory Design® - a convergence of wearable technology, fashion and scent – and how this affects the brain and senses, and in turn, how the user’s experience is influenced by this extra sensation.

“Smell is the most evocative sense. Scentsory Design® is a unique combination of art and science to invoke feelings in users, and therefore enhancing their experience of the product,” said Jenny Tillotson. “Activated from high-tech clothing and jewellery, the technology interacts with the individual needs of the wearer. Sensors on the item measure the wearers stress levels, and can deliver a programmable pallet of fragrances depending on your mood.”

Jenny will also be speaking at the Cambridge Wireless Future of Wireless International Conference, taking place on 26th and 27th June 2012, at the Moller Centre and Churchill College Cambridge. Her presentation will focus on similar technology being used in mobile phones, the Scent Phone.

“I’m very excited about presenting the Wireless Scent Phone at the Future of Wireless International Conference. It is a very apt presentation for the theme of ‘Reshaping the Mobile Industry’, and I hope to create an interesting discussion around this concept. It’s an exceptional idea, and one that really provides the user with a whole new mobile experience.”

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