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Date: 18th February 2011

Movirtu awarded contract with Airtel Madagascar

Airtel Madagascar to launch Cloud Phone nationally with Village Phone Operators

February 18th 2011 - Movirtu, the leading provider of Mobile Identity Management (MIM) solutions to wireless telecommunication service providers, announced today a contract with Airtel Madagascar to implement the Movirtu Cloud Phone services nationwide in Madagascar. The main channel for purchase will be the Village Phone Operators (VPOs) with whom the service has been piloted.

Airtel has a stated goal to attract new subscribers from rural areas in Madagascar. 70% of rural consumers do not have access today to mobile. Cloud Phone and its associated mobile payment and information services will target those on between $1 and $2/day and in rural areas at a highly competitive price.

Movirtu Cloud Phone provides a user with a unique and permanent mobile number for sending and receiving calls and SMS. The number is accessed through any mobile phone and is used for payment and information services as well as making or receiving voice calls. The Cloud Phone customer uses the same top-up vouchers, applications and operator care system as any prepaid user.

“The Cloud Phone supports Airtel Madagascar’s aim to increase penetration of mobile services to rural users,” said Nigel Waller, Founder and CEO of Movirtu. “Both Movirtu and Airtel recognise the needs of those earning less than $2 a day, who have previously been left out of mobile phone or SIM ownership for reasons of affordability”.

About Airtel Madagascar
Airtel has Madagascar's largest mobile phone coverage by allowing telephone access to major cities on all main roads, and is the only operator to cover all 22 regions of the island.
Airtel is the most innovative operator in cellular mobile telephony in Madagascar and was first to introduce innovative services such as Blackberry Prepaid service, mobile banking and many others.

Making remote areas accessible is a priority of Airtel Madagascar. The growth plan of Airtel in Madagascar is directly linked to its desire to be an innovative company that works to achieve a positive difference in people's lives by facilitating communication and supporting communities.

Airtel is committed to consistently provide products and enhanced services, thus opening a new world of opportunities.

About Movirtu
Movirtu is a leading provider of Mobile Identity Management (MIM) solutions to wireless telecommunication service providers. Its award winning Cloud PhoneTM software enables mobile operators to offer service to the 1 billion people who earn less than $2 a day, living in rural poor communities in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.
Movirtu’s solutions bring mobile banking and personalized information services to those without a handset or SIM. Demand for Cloud PhoneTM applications also extends to the 1 billion people who own more than two SIM cards living in developed markets.
Movirtu is a private company, headquartered in London, UK with offices in Centurion, South Africa and field teams in a number of markets.

Media Contact:
Julia Simonova Lopez,
Marketing Manager Movirtu Limited
T: +44 20 7043 1131
E: julia[at]movirtu[dot]com

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